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Diving site map near Cebu Mactan Island Hilutugan, Nalusuan Island as a representative point along the coast of Mactan Island

Diving points near Cebu are represented by points along the east coast of Mactan and points along the coast of Olango. In particular, Hilutugan and Nalusuan are popular in recent years and attract many divers. We also tour 4 different dive sites on different sites from 1 island and 1 dive.

  KI Mrine ,Maribago . Mactan area diving sites

Mactan Island

Dive spot Class  Depth  Angle Current  Feature & Nature
Hilutungan A 10-30m 90 0-4 Marine Sanctuary, Barracuda, Trivially, Batfish, Squid
Parker A 15-20m 30 to 90 0-4 Coral, Lion fish, Scorpion, Estuarine Stone Fish
Tingo B 12-40m 90 0-3 Thresher Shark, Tuna
Talima(Tauma) B 12-40m 30 to 90 0-3 New Marine Sanctuary, Wreck
Tambuli B 12-40m 20 to 90 0-3 Small Air Plane Wreck,
Blue Hall B 7-25m 30 to 90 0-4 Cave 29~31m, Avoid first current, Lion fish, Scorpion
Marigondon B 15-30m 30 to 90 0-4 Front of Plantation Bay, Cave 30~36m, Avoid first current,
Maribago B 15-20m 90 0-3 School of fishes, Coral, >
The depth,  shows the depth of the water that was suitable for observation? Degree 30-70 that fall into 70 degrees from a slope of 30 degrees
The bottom of the sea along a wall is 50m-60m in Philippines. Current 4 or 5 identify,recommend that they choose time by tide table. Cebu Tide Table
  Trimaran Yacht
Diving,Snorkeling,Island Hopping,Sunset Cruising
or Trolling & Bottom Fishing Specifications
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  Information on the islands near Cebu Mactan
  Information on the island and its surroundings, such as the location of the resort hotels on the coast of Mactan Island, the location and number of residents in the surrounding islands, the presence of industry, whether it is a good place for diving and snorkeling, etc. are being investigated. The double circle indicates the area where snorkeling is possible around the coral reef. You can get information by pointing the cursor.
  snorkeling site map
Bagumbanwa island Hilutungan Island Olango Island
Cabulan Island Camungi Island Pandanon Island
Caohagan Island Magcalingao Island Panganan Island
Coamen Island Mocaboc Island Sand Bar
Caubian Island Nalusuan Island Sulpa Island
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