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Cebu Marine Sanctuary | Hilutungan and Nalusuan Island.

Cebu Marine Sanctuary : Hilutungan Island, Nalusuan Island, Talima in Olango, good for diving and snorkeling.

  Cebu Marine Sanctuaries

Hilutungan Island aerial photo

Hilutungan Island snorkeling area

Island Name: Hilutungan Island
Population: 1,360
Major Occupation: Fishing
Sea Shore Details: Northern and Western Part White Sand (lagoon) and Eastern part
Corals Very Shallow 100meters - 200meters.
Tourist Accommodation: Floating Rooms Available for Tourists US$ 213.40
Snorkeling:B (Westside of Island)
Diving: B
Distance Estimate Travel Time:25~ 35 minutes from Maribago
Attraction: Marine Sanctuary -
Entrance Fee: Snorkeling PHP 100.- ,Diving PhP300.(9/09)
Comments: Best Place for Snorkeling and Diving. Government Well Protected Corals and Fishes.
Backside of Island (Eastern Area) Floating Rooms available. At Low Tide too Shallow.

Snorkeling:HILUTUNGAN ISLAND is a destination. Many fishes came to gather in this sanctuary especially if a snorkeler feeds bread up close to the fish. Shallows are about 100 m continuances from the upheaval of a coral reef. It becomes deepen slowly and is depressed perpendicularly. The small fishes could be reach in just around 5 m depth and bigger fishes could be encountered in 10-15 m depth. A diving or a snorkel plus (originally by K I Marine) comes closer to underwater species and really can appreciate the marine world activities. In Hilutungan, guests could just stay in a boat and going in and out of the sea to do all these. One has to wear life jacket for a snorkel and swimming as a compulsory to be instructed by our staff

Diving:Hilutungan Island,(Class B+) good for fish feeding, Gropper, Bracuda 10~20m(Bottom35m)


Nalusuan Island pear

Island Name: Nalusuan Island
Population: Hotel Staff Lives In This Island
Major Occupation: N/A
Sea Shore Details: Island has Pier. Corals and White Sand (Eastside)
Tourist Accommodation: Cottages Available for Tourists
Diving: A/B
Distance Estimate Travel Time: 1 hour from Maribago
Attraction: Fish Sanctuary, Cottages, Restaurant
Comments: Good to Visit with Family.
Resort Entrance Fee: landing fee P180.00, Snorkeling + Landing P200, Diving only P200.-(9/09)
Regulation: Bringing drinks inside in Nalusuan Resort is not allowed

Snorkeling: NALUSUAN ISLAND is considered the smallest island. Though it is also a white sand beach but its not suitable for swimming and snorkeling because of its shallow water sea level. In reaching the island, a boat should docked at a far distant especially on a low tide, therefore a long walk at the seashore to the pier. The island is best for picnic, playing games for children. Corals is not so much visible in the area

Diving: Nalusuan Island,(class A) School of Jack Fish,Gropper,Stingray,Moorish Idol, Soft & Hard Coral. 25~40m(Bottom)


Caohagan Island Aerial photo

Caohagan beach

Island Name: Caohagan Island
Population: 266
Major Occupation: Fishing
Sea Shore Details: White Sand and Corals
Tourist Accommodation: Cottages Available for Tourists
Snorkeling: C
Diving: B Class Dive Site -  Eastside 100 meters around island is good for snorkeling.
Distance Estimate Travel Time: 1 hour 15 minutes from Maribago
Attraction: View Nearby Islands
Comments: Eastside Around The Island is Good For snorkeling. Hospitality is Good. Beach at high tide only
Entrance fee: PhP70.- Hut(Shadow)=PhP200.- (9/09)

Snorkeling: CAOHAGAN ISLAND is a quite, not crowded island because it doesn't have its own port. But going and landing in this island is still possible. On a low tide and the sea level is too shallow, it is very hard to approach the island .The atmosphere is better than Nalusuan by not that much.Called as a fish and marine sanctuary


Talima, Olango Island aerial photo


Island Name: Talima(Olango Island)
Population: 8,507
Major Occupation: Shell Craft Exporter, Tropical Fish Exporter, Fishermen
Sea Shore Details: Corals and White Sand Southern Part of Island
Tourist Accommodation:
Cottages Available for Tourists
Snorkeling: B
Diving: B
Distance Estimate Travel Time: 20 minutes from Maribago
Attraction: Talima Marine Sanctuary, Bird Sanctuary, Cottages, Floating Restaurant, Mangrove Jungle
Comments: Shallow Coral Around Island. Tricycle Major Transportation Whole Island.
 Bed town of Mactan and Cebu.

Diving: Talima.(class C+) Soft Coral, Shipwreck, Hole, Jack Fish, Trumpet,Sweet Lips, good for fun Dive. 20~20m(Bottom50m)

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